Physical, Occupation, Speech

Rehabilitation means reshaping lives and restoring lost abilities after an illness or injury. It means treating the whole patient-physically, emotionally, and socially – to return patients to their optimum level of function for a better quality of life.

Pulmonary Focused Rehabilitation

Our Pulmonary Focused Rehabilitation Program is staffed with a licensed Respiratory Therapist to treat complex respiratory problems including patients with a new tracheostomy. The therapist works in conjunction with a rounding Pulmonologist to meet each patient's individualized needs while working to educate the patient on their disease and ways to manage it safely when they return home.

Rosemont Suite – Memory Care

Our Rosemont Suite offers individualized care based on the resident's stage and type of dementia. Prior to Admission our team works to understand your loved ones needs and routines so we can put together a plan to ease them into a new surrounding and assist them in making a smooth transition to our Memory Care neighborhood.

Our highly trained staff on our dementia unit understand that there are many different ways to work with each resident and that we must understand where they are in their disease process in order to engage and assist each individual with dignity and care.

Our unique programming allows us to be creative and allow each resident to participate in their own way on their own level so that each day can be full of fulfilling activities. An example of this is the use of a Beamz unit which allows our residents to play music by moving their hands to interrupt laser beams and in so doing create music. There is no skill or experience required and it allows anyone who would like to participate to be part of something fun and exciting. In these unique ways we are able to offer meaning to each individual's life and bring joy to their time at Lancashire Hall.

Online Access for families & providers through our Right Track program

This program gives families online access to their loved ones therapy progress and therapy notes from the therapists. This allows families to see how well the resident is progressing and give them an idea of how far they have to go to be discharge ready. The easy access gives you the ability to get updated information in real time without having to call in or wait for an update.

Podiatry Services

We work with a Podiatrist who visits our building to address any foot care needs for our residents. Residents can sign up on admission or when needed and received Podiatry services in the comfort of their room.

Dental Services

We work with a dentist who comes to our building to take care of any dental needs. Residents can sign up on admission or when needed and receive this service without having to leave the building.

Hearing Services

We work with an Audiologist to provide Ear Care services to our residents without having to leave the building.

Eye Care Services

We work with an Optometrist to provide on-site eye care including eye exams and glasses fittings.

IV Therapy

Our licensed staff are able to help residents in need of receiving IV medications to ensure that they are given appropriately as needed and ensure that the resident is comfortable throughout the process.

Free Wifi Access

Our high speed wifi will allow you to stream online videos and surf the web on any electronic device in the comfort of your own room.

Round Trip Transportation to appointments

We provide round trip transportation to medical appointments and invite family to attend as well. If needed we can provide a staff member to stay with the resident if the family is unable to attend to provide assistance and supervision when needed.

Pyschological Services

We work with a team to manage and meet the individual needs of our residents. This includes having someone assist with Psychological assessments and provide recommendations on how we can address resident's needs.

Wound Care

We have an RN and wound Dr. who do wound rounds together to address any wound care needs. They also work with the staff to help prevent the progression of wounds and prevent wounds from developing.

Restorative Nursing

Our goal is to ensure that our residents reach their highest quality of life and this program is our way to help residents stay at their highest level. Staff will work with residents to ensure that they are able to ambulate and exercise to keep them living a healthy and active lifestyle to the best of their ability.

Social Services

This team works as an advocate for the resident and works with nursing to ensure that their needs are being met. They also coordinate discharges for our short term residents and help to set up equipment and home services when needed.

Home Evaluations offered by Therapy prior to discharge

As a resident progresses in their rehabilitation the Therapy department will set up a home evaluation to ensure that the resident can navigate their home environment safely. A therapist will accompany the resident to their home and work with the resident and family to address any concerns in their home environment before they return home. This is a way to ensure that the resident is ready for discharge and is returning to a safe environment with the equipment and services they need.

Dual Activity Programming for Dementia Patients

Activities on the Rosemont suite are created to accommodate the different levels of dementia. This allows everyone to participate in an activity to the best of their ability.

Fine Dining

Our residents are encouraged to take their meals in the dining room as able to provide an enjoyable social and dining experience. Our fresh linens and table settings provide a home-style atmosphere. Each resident gets multiple options for their meals and if they don't like what's offered they can order off of our special menu that is always available including soups, salads, and sandwiches.

Two Interior Courtyards

Our courtyards provide an inviting space for residents and visitors to relax and enjoy the outdoors. We also provide activities outdoors, weather permitting, to encourage residents to go outside and stay active.

Walking paths

We have a walking path around our building which connects to the walking paths through Lancashire Terrace next door. For residents who are able this provides a great opportunity to stay active and enjoy the beautiful campus.

Free Laundry Services

We offer complimentary laundry service which includes labeling clothing for free. All residents have the option of having a family or friend take the clothing home if they would prefer to do so. Our Director of Laundry and Housekeeping works to ensure that all clothes are labeled and take care of appropriately while we provide our service.

Visitor Meals Available

Friends and family are welcome to attend meals with the residents in the dining room or in their own room. Meals cost $2.50 and can be purchased at any time.

Pet visitation allowed

Pets are welcome to visit our residents as long as they are safe to be around the residents. We require an up to date list of vaccinations to be brought in and given to our receptionist so we can verify that the pet is able to visit prior to them coming in.

Accelerated Care Plus (ACP) programming

Our Rehabilitation Department partners with Accelerated Care Plus to provide equipment and services above and beyond your typical rehabilitation programming. Our specialized treatment programs allow us to treat conditions including pain management, stroke recovery, contractures, joint replacement, arthritis, urinary incontinence, wounds, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

This depends on many different things. If you are entitled to use your Medicare or Insurance benefits we will make every effort to help you obtain those benefits. If you are not eligible for those benefits we will help you choose a room that fits your budget or help you apply for Medical Assistance to offset your out of pocket expenses.

How long does it take for someone to become a resident?

This depends on what kind of care you are waiting for. If you are looking for short term rehab then you can easily become a patient in a matter of a day or two. If you are looking for long term care or memory care placement then it could take up to a week or more depending on bed availability.

Am I allowed to smoke?

Lancashire Hall went smoke free in 2010 and ever since employees, residents, and visitors have not been permitted to smoke on the grounds.

Am I allowed to take my family member home at any time?

This needs to be approved by the resident's physician but as long as it is safe to do so and the family is able to accommodate the resident's needs then a leave of absence can be considered.

How often will I get therapy?

Each individual insurance has its own level of benefits. Your therapy will be provided in accordance with our contracted agreement and will be done to maximize your ability to function independently with minimal assistance.

Lancashire Hall Services
Lancashire Hall Services